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Political news - South America

"Chile Kick-Starts Debate on Gender Quotas," Women's E-News. February 16, 2007.

"Thousands pay last respects to Pinochet," The Independent. December 12, 2006.

"Controversial legacy of former Chilean dictator," Christian Science Monitor. December 12, 2006.

"Chileans celebrate death of reviled dictator Pinochet," Globe & Mail. December 11, 2006.

"Crowds take to streets to celebrate Pinochet's demise," The Independent. December 11, 2006.

"Brazil's 'good leftist' poised for election repeat," Globe & Mail. September 26, 2006.

"Brazil makes headway in bid for 'Zero Hunger'," Christian Science Monitor. September 11, 2006.

"Peru Campaign Quiet on Reproductive Issues,"Women's E-News. May 22, 2006.

Peruvian voters to pick between bad and worse

The New Zealand Herald May 6, 2006

Beatriz Alonso is having her nails done at a mall in the middle-class neighbourhood of Jesus Maria as she watches the electoral results on television. She cringes as she hears that the gap between the second and third-placed presidential candidates is narrowing. With 99 per cent of the polls in, three weeks after the elections, Alan Garcia has edged ahead.
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Chile's Bachelet Promises Pension Payday for Women

Women's E-News March 10, 2006

Chile's president-elect Michelle Bachelet has promised an overhaul of the nation's private pension system. She says her reform will do much more to help women than the "pension for housewives" promised by her opponents during the campaign.
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"Bachelet Era Begins with Change,"Christian Science Monitor. A1. February 1, 2006.

"Chilean Women Celebrate Signs of Rapid Change,"Women's E-News. January 19, 2006.

Chileans prepare to welcome first female president

The Independent January 16, 2006

SANTIAGO, CHILE – In what's seen as a cultural breakthrough for the most conservative country in Latin America, a female Socialist - promising to maintain the country's free-market policies - is poised to become the next president of Chile.
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Chileans set to elect a woman

Christian Science Monitor December 9, 2005
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"Fujimori rolls dice on comeback in Peru," The Globe & Mail. November 8, 2005.

"Birdsong Regained: Paraguayan government bends to farmers' demands," New Internationalist Magazine. September 2005.

"Brazil begins talking openly about abortion,"Women’s E-News. May 15, 2005.
Brazil is moving to address the problem of illegal abortion, the country's fourth leading cause of maternal death. In March the government eased abortions for rape victims and in April it formed a committee to review all its abortion policies. THIS ARTICLE WAS AMONG A SERIES OF FIVE IN WOMEN'S E-NEWS THAT JOINTLY WON THE 2006 ROSA CISNEROS MEMORIAL AWARD IN JOURNALISM.

"Regime's top officials face torture charges," Washington Times. April 5, 2005.

In Britain and Chile, lessons for revamping social security

Christian Science Monitor March 14, 2005
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President of Bolivia tenders resignation

March 8, 2005 Globe & Mail
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"Human rights victories stir resentment," Washington Times. February 8, 2005.
Victorias de Derechos Humanos avivan resentimientosWashington Times. 9 de febrero, 2005.

"Chilean torture was policy, Lagos says," Globe & Mail. Nov. 30, 2004.

"Pinochet torture victims angry at pension," The Independent. November 30, 2004.

"Chilean court slaps down notion of amnesty," Globe & Mail. November 19, 2004.

Pinochet faces fraud charges over secret £4.4m accounts

The Independent October 1, 2004

"Latin 'untouchables' face heat," Christian Science Monitor. September 16, 2004.

"Noose tightens on Pinochet," New Zealand Herald. September 11, 2004.

Latin America: Does It Exist?

Hispanic Magazine August 2004
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In Chile, Hope Is Reborn in 30-Year Quest for Justice

Washington Post July 18, 2004
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Chilean military puts on a new face

Washington Times June 1, 2004
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Latin America eyes defense pact

The Washington Times Tuesday, February 10, 2004
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Bolivia hopes to float its bid for sea access

The Globe & Mail Monday, January 12, 2004
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Articles from Canada and United Kingdom (2001 and earlier)

"Bad drinking water on native reserves a 'hidden tragedy,' MP charges," The Ottawa Citizen. July 25, 2001.

"Clark confirms Tories pondering CA coalition: Pact feasible without creating new party," The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. July 13, 2001. B7.

"House leader slams Access Act overhaul," The Ottawa Citizen. August 11, 2001. A3.

"Tories, Alliance rebels split on missile plan," The Ottawa Citizen. August 8, 2001. A4.

"Big Brother looms in British offices," The Globe and Mail. November 9, 2000.

"Democracy on the ropes, prof warns," The Kingston Whig-Standard. June 16, 2000. Page 9.

"Native groups rally to fight for their rights in Nunavut," The Ottawa Citizen. December 10, 1998. A6.

"Rights 'new' part of trade policy: Marchi says Canada should export values along with products," The Ottawa Citizen. December 3, 1998. A7.

"Politics caused power squeeze, MLA says," The Edmonton Journal. August 28, 1998. F1/ FRONT.

"Maitson's changed his mind, wants a new vote on VLTs," The Edmonton Journal. June 21, 1998. A1/ FRONT.

Radio items

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"How Pinochet's death will impact the international struggle against impunity," Latino USA, NPR. December 15, 2006.
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"Thousands turn out for Pinochet's funeral," The World, BBC Americas. December 12, 2006.
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"Thousands turn out for Pinochet's funeral," World at Six, CBC Radio. December 12, 2006.

"Pinochet to get military, but no state funeral, today," World Report, CBC Radio. December 12, 2006.

"Thousands turn out to bid Pinochet farewell, Q&A" Radio New Zealand, December 11, 2006.

"Thousands celebrate Pinochet's death," Hourlies, CBC Radio. December 10, 2006.

"Pinochet obituary," Hourlies., CBC Radio. December 10, 2006.

"Nicaraguan elections, Iberoamerican summit," Radio New Zealand. November 5, 2006.

"Chile to scrap amnesty law," The World, BBC Americas. October 16, 2006.
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"Chile's 9-11 marches turn violent amid wider wave of protests," Latino USA NPR. September 15, 2006.
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"September 11th violence worst in recent memory," Radio New Zealand. September 12, 2006.

"Chile hit by wave of protests," The World. BBC Americas. September 11, 2006.
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"Brazil’s Zero Hunger program faces praise and criticism before elections," Latino USA. NPR. September 8, 2006.
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"Abortion debate heating up in Chile," The World.BBC Americas. September 4, 2006.
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"Month of protests ahead in Chile," Radio New Zealand. September 4, 2006.

"High school students stage massive protests in Chile," The World. BBC Americas. June 8, 2006.
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"Peruvians face tough choice for presidential elections," Latino USA. NPR. May 26, 2006.
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"Peruvian elections too close to call,” (live phoner from Lima, Peru) BBC Radio. Up All Night. April 9, 2006.

"Peruvian elections too close to call,” Radio New Zealand. April 9, 2006.

"ETA llama cese al fuego,” Diario Hablado. REE. March 22, 2006.

"Michaelle Jean celebrates Bachelet’s government,” Radio Canada International. March 13, 2006.

"Bachelet to take power today,”World Report. CBC Radio. March 11, 2006.

"Female Cabinet heralds change in Chile,” Dispatches, CBC Radio. March 9, 2006.
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“Bachelet nombra primer gabinete paritario de las Américas,” América Hoy, Radio Nacional de España. 31 de enero, 2006.

"Chile's President-elect to announce Cabinet with gender parity," Latino USA. National Public Radio. January 27, 2006.
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"Presidente Lagos, y no Bachelet, asistirá a cambio de mando en Bolivia," Diario Hablado, Radio Nacional de España. 17 de enero, 2006.

"Bachelet elected Chile's first female president," The World. BBC Americas. January 16, 2006.

"Artistas españoles cantan en cierre masivo de campaña de Michelle Bachelet," América Hoy, Radio Nacional de España. 13 de enero, 2006.

"Campaña marca desigualdad en Chile," America Hoy. Radio Nacional de España. 9 de diciembre, 2006.
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"Chile poised to elect first female president," The World. BBC Americas. December 5, 2005.

"Chilean election campaign heating up," Latino USA. NPR. November 11, 2005.
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"Brazil's Zero Hunger programme faces troubles," World This Weekend, CBC. November 5, 2005.

"Mujeres en fuerzas armadas," América Hoy, Radio Nacional de España. 23 de octubre, 2005.
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"Apoyo de Chavez disminuye," América Hoy, Radio Nacional de España. 29 de septiembre, 2005.
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"Chavez' support slipping among common people," Latino USA National Public Radio. September 23, 2005.
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"Paraguayan land battle," Latino USA, NPR. May 20, 2005.

“Pope’s legacy in restoring democracy in Chile,” Latino USA. NPR. April 8, 2005.

"Chilean court awards exiles compensation," The World, BBC Americas. March 18, 2005.

“Informe Valech desata polémica por restitución,” en Diario Américas, Radio Nacional de España. 11 de noviembre, 2004.

“Torture report seeks reconciliation,” The World. BBC Americas. Nov. 9, 2004. 5:30.

“Mea culpa from Commander-in-Chief of Chile’s army,” CBC World at Six. Nov. 5, 2004. 1:20.

“Amnesty hearings begin, with protests against slow advance on Pinochet case,” Hourlies, CBC News. Sept. 14, 2004. 1:10.
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“September 11th anniversary marred by protest and violence,” Hourlies, CBC News. Sept. 11th, 2004. 1:05.
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“Chilean government aims to learn about Chileans abroad with new registry,” World This Weekend. CBC. August 21, 2004. 6:00.

"Waiting 30 years for justice," BBC World Service Radio. BBC. July 18, 2004. 6:45.

"Justice is elusive in Chile," World Vision Report. July 11, 2004. 4:45.
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"Canadian family anxiously awaits amnesty appeal," World This Weekend. CBC. June 19, 2004. 8:00.
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"Women making strides in Chile’s armed forces," Latino USA. NPR. June 11, 2004. 5:00.

"Changing the image of Chile's military," aired on The World. BBC Americas/PRI. May 24, 2004. Length: 3:45.

"El impacto del nuevo gobierno español en latinoamérica," aired on FORO, Radio France International. April 2, 2004.

"Bolivia's campaign to regain its coastline," aired on World Today and Newshour BBC World Service Radio. March 15, 2004. Length: 4:00.
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"Latin American hopes to build a collective defence community," aired on Latino USA. NPR. February 6, 2004. Length: 6:30.