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Easter Island stone heads are 'dying': Gigantic statues will vanish without preservation effort

The San Francisco Chronicle December 6, 2007

Sloping slightly sideways on the grassy hills beneath the Ranu Raraku volcano, a giant stone head known as a moai shows the wear and tear of time on this triangular 64-square-mile island. On the right side of the oblong rectangular face with male features, the rock is lighter in color and its long, carefully sculpted ear and nostril are clearly visible. But on the statue's left side, the sun and wind have eroded the nose, lip and ear.
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A series of tremors in Patagonia sparks fear, anxiety

The Miami Herald July 12, 2007

More than 5,000 tremors have been felt since January in the Patagonia region of Chile, causing residents to fear that a cataclysmic earthquake may surface.

Lure of being a wonder masks risk of repeating dire errors from past

The New Zealand Herald July 9, 2007

As the sun rises over the eastern shores of the tiny Polynesian island of Rapa Nui, the shadows of 15 stone monoliths stretch long across the grassy fields of Tongariki, towards the quarry from which they were mysteriously transported hundreds of years ago.
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Island Fever

Latin Trade August 2006

Vacation travel booms in a Caribbean hotspot, prompting some to worry about its impact.
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Alarm bells ring in tourist paradise

Toronto Star June 10, 2006

Oranjestad, Aruba—This Caribbean island nation's stunning turquoise waters, white sand beaches and romantic sunsets have lured tourists for decades. Its position outside the hurricane belt allows for a year-round influx, and the constant trade winds have made it a windsurfing, sailing and kite-skiing hotspot. But in recent years, residents have begun questioning just how much tourism this tiny island (covering less than 200 square kilometres) can sustain, given its impact on the coastline.

Beavers too eager for their own good

Miami Herald December 22, 2005

Sewage plant in Chile combats disease

Toronto Star November 5, 2005

Brazil’s disappearing jungle

Toronto Star August 6, 2005

Moving heaven, earth - and glaciers

Toronto Star June 4, 2005

Falling water, rising hopes

March 5, 2005 Toronto Star

ITAIPú, Paraguay—In the heart of the Paraguayan jungle, 14 kilometres upstream of the roaring Iguazú Falls, the Paraná River goes so still the glare of the sun gives it a mirror-like appearance. This shimmering sheath is actually the reservoir of the Itaipú Dam — the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world.
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Paying the price for growth

January 8, 2005 Toronto Star

OPEN HOUSE: A Canadian company sees Latin America as a springboard for its assembly-line homes

January 2005 Latin Trade

Critical Mass on a roll in Chile: 'Raging Cyclists' inspired by S.F.'s biking movement

November 14, 2004 San Francisco Chronicle
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TransAlta first to trade emission credits

Toronto Star October 22, 2004

Bikers pedal for cleaner air

Toronto Star October 9, 2004

Poor paper pickers of Chile

Toronto Star July 31, 2004

Picking a tutti-frutti tree

Washington Times June 14, 2004
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Money that grows on crops

Christian Science Monitor April 15, 2004
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Bad drinking water on native reserves a 'hidden tragedy,' MP charges

The Ottawa Citizen. Wednesday, July 25, 2001. A6.
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